November is commonly “No Excuses November” in the fitness world; we’re going to take that one step further and take a 3-pronged approach to your wellness this month. We’ll be focusing on physical fitness (exercise), mental wellness, and healthy eating habits.

Are you ready to set some wellness goals? Great!


This month, let’s build a healthy and consistent fitness habit.

Choose three days to work out each week, then choose a set for each day. It can even be the same set for the different days!  Choose what is going to work best for your schedule, and what you’ll be most likely to stick to! Change it up as often as you want to.

Note: a 5-minute warm-up (at least) is always recommended before starting any exercise routine. A brisk walk is often just right for this!

Set 1

  • Sun Salutation A x 3
  • 2 sets of 15 jumping jacks
  • 2 30-second wall sits
  • 10 down-dog to plank push-ups (plank to downward dog to plank – repeat)

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

If that’s too easy for you, add a set of each exercise and/or add an additional day each week!

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is an important factor in overall health, and making sure you have some healthy habits or ways to power through a tough day to fall back on is a key to helping with this.

Choose a thing to try this month to help you focus, relax, and de-stress.

Our suggestions – choose any of them, or try them all to see what works for you:

  • Meditation – 5 minutes a day
  • Journal – 2 sentences at the end of the day to decompress before bed
  • Gratitude – Share/state out loud one thing you are grateful for each day.
  • Color a coloring book page.
  • Reduce your screen time.
  • Dance. Stop what you’re doing and just wiggle for 30 seconds. You might be surprised at how quickly this will boost your mood!

Healthy Eating Habits

Is there a meal you skip regularly? Or do you find yourself feeling woozy throughout the day because your blood sugar is low from not eating in a while? Maybe you feel like you’re eating too much per meal? Or you’d like to eat healthier in general?

Choose a focus for the month. It can be anything – from cutting out sugary drinks, to making sure you eat 3 meals a day. Pick something that you know you need to work on, and set a goal for the month that focuses on that thing.

No Excuses November

We will be sharing some healthy habits throughout No Excuses November over on Twitter – and we want to hear from you about what you’re working on!

Questions? Head on over to @igglefitness and give us a shout!