Good morning campers! It’s a beautiful day, so let’s get out there and do some activities. Remember to leave us a comment below or reach out on twitter if you are looking for the lost and found.


Activity Time!

Stop by the camp library to learn about Science Fiction in our Comic Book Boot Camp. Over in the arts & crafts tent we are making a Lumos Necklace! And don’t forget to run over to the tennis courts to participate in the Fitness Club daily challenge!

SURPRISE! It’s Blanket Fort Day! Gather all your sheets and pillows and let’s build a massive fort!

Did you sneak some cds into camp? We want to hear your camp playlist.

For those campers with a sweet tooth, we will be making S’Mores Cookie Bars tonight in the mess hall! Here in Chicago we will be gathering at 19:00 hours, so check in what that converts to where you are!


On the Main Screen

Love Goosebumps? We will be watching Welcome to Camp Nightmare TWICE today! Check the forums for more details!

Also today we’ll learn about why feminism is important for everyone!

DO YOU CROCHET? Learn to crochet a cozy camp cowl with Twinkie Chan!


Camp Chatter

Did you play our Jim Bob trivia game? The answers are below in white! You’ll have to highlight with your mouse to see them!

1) India 2) Canada 3) New Zealand 4) Denmark 5) Egypt 6) Scotland 7) Japan 8) France 9) Cambodia 10) England 11) Peru 12) Italy 13) United States 14) Spain

How did you do? Want to watch again? The video is here!

And don’t forget we have an awesome giveaway for you to enter!


What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Lumos, Troop Hakuna Matata, or Troop Croft?


And Remember…

“Lint from your navel makes a handy fire starter. Warning: Remove lint from navel before applying the match.”