Hello friends and welcome back for the third Camp Tarot post! The last two days were all about the basics. (Day 1, Day 2) Today we will have a chance to use a custom spread just for camp to create our personal legends.

You’ll need a tarot deck and guidebook or website.

Today’s LEGENDS spread is meant to tell a story. Each card will reveal something about who you were, where your legend took place, or what kind of people were around you. Were you a hero or a villain? What personal gifts did you use against your enemy? Use the cards as prompts and let your imagination run free as you create your own legend!

To use this special layout prepare your deck as described in the post from day one. Next, draw the cards one by one and place them in the positions following the layout map below.

7 card spread with each of the cards representing a letter in the word LEGENDS

As described in the post from day two, take a moment to look at the spread as a whole. What colors, images, patterns, and anomalies do you notice? As you move forward in looking up card meanings, I encourage you to write them down as you go. This will make it simpler to create a coherent narrative. I will post my own interpretation of my reading as an example on in the Divination Tower on Discord if you want to see a how it all comes together. As for my first impression of my own reading: check out those Queens perfectly distributed! Gorgeous!

If you get stuck feel free to join us in the Divination Tower on Camp Discord and we can work it out together. Happy reading, you lovely legends!

Contributed by Beth aka Phoenix Emerald 
Beth, aka PhoenixEmerald, spends half her time swimming in the science of the real world and the other half flying in a bookshelf time machine with her pet dragon, Gideon. Crafting, traveling, tarot, tabletop games, and books are always on Beth’s list of geeky loves. Find her on Instagram at @PhoenixEmeraldTarot.