It’s a beautiful morning out here on day one of IGGPPCamp 2017! The sun is shining! The birds are singing! The – wait a minute? WHO LET THESE NARGLES OUT IN THE MESS HALL??? TROOP LOVEGOOD!!!! Do you want to apologize? Leave me a comment below or reach out on twitter.

Activity Time!

What’s cooking in the mess hall today? We’ve got Breakfast at Camp to start your day off right!

In the Arts & Crafts shed, we are doing some Cardmaking to send to all your new camp friends!

Calling all builders! We are creating an EPIC Iggle Minecraft Camp!

Did you participate in our Camp Care Package Swap? We’d love to see what your swap partner sent!

Let’s get some Self Care!

Listen to some music that makes you feel good about yourself. If you want, you can check out the IGGPPCamp 2017 playlist, and add your favorite song. <3

Camp Chatter

Grab your blanket and gather around the campfire! Tonight (well, tomorrow…) at 11:30p GMT (or whatever time 6:30p Central Daylight Time is, because Camp Director Jo was up all night chasing nargles and is tired) on August 10th (THURSDAY) is our Camp Welcome Hangout! (Need help decoding timezones? Give us a shout or head over here to find out what time something is happening where you are!)

Did you know the IGGPPCamp mail room is right next door to the First Aid Cabin? Our camp nurse Buffalo runs both! She’s whipped up some mini-swaps open to all iggle campers. What better way to celebrate four days of pen pal camp? These swaps are designed to be fast and easy, so sign up will only be open for 24 hours.

Today’s swap is the Positive Vibes Postcard Swap! Check out the forum for more details. There you’ll find swap guidelines and a sign-up link.

Don’t forget to check out all the other fun stuff (like puppies and scavenger hunts!) happening at the First Aid Cabin! Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Lovegood, Troop Invictus, or Troop Chimera?

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