HELLO CAMPERS! THIS IS MY “WE’RE ALL GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME” VOICE! & you know what is one of my favorite ways to have a good time? Giving away FREE STUFF & showing off COOL IGGLES, of course! We’d only pick something special to be our camp giveaway– are you excited yet? We’re got one of Magic Cat Jenny’s Nerd Monsters, the very special “Iggle”!

Jenny was inspired by our lovely IGGPPC to design Iggle, in her handsewn fleece + felt glory, & now she’s generously providing one for one of you lucky iggles out there to win! I think Iggle would make a perfect companion to JimBob.

Camp is still only just getting started, but Iggle has eagerly been practicing her camp activities!

Here we see Iggle valiantly preparing for a kayak adventure.



Iggle says it wouldn’t be camp without roasting marshmallows!



As much as Iggle would love to go on wild journeys with you, she’s also totally up for a cozy night in! Especially if it involves a blanket fort.



Isn’t that the most precious camp buddy you could dream of?

Be sure to check out Iggle & the other Nerdy Monsters in Jenny’s shop! They’re all splendid & ready to be your new best friend.

As a very special bonus born out of all of our camp enthusiasm, the winner will also receive an IGGPPCamp Kit! Maybe you already bought one, but now you’d have an extra one for sharing! Our camp kits are exclusive limited-run packages, so this is indeed one of the very last ways to get some of these items. With postcards, stickers, an awesome IGGPPC logo patch, buttons, & other fabulous swag, there’s plenty of goodness in it for our winner & their new plush Iggle buddy.


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A great big thanks & an extra s’more for Jenny!