Well hello there. How’s camp treating you? Did you remember to pack your VERY BEST geeky accessories? Do you think you’re down for a CLOSET COSPLAY CHALLENGE? Disneybound enthusiasts Mama Jo and Mr. Pants (Joanna and Stewie, that is) are ready to go HEAD TO HEAD (and CLOSET TO CLOSET) in a series of challenges for every day of camp and we want YOU to play with us! And trust us, Joanna and Stewie both have tons of Closet Cosplay experience. Just check out Joanna and her husband Disneybounding as Pongo and Perdy, and Stewie Disneybounding as the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Clearly this friendly competition is going to be adorable!

Here’s how it will work:

The event will be moderated (and judged) by our wonderful Everyday Cosplay extraordinaire blogger, Gwen (@gwenlikestacy). Take the challenge, head to the forums, and post a photo of your oh-so-fleek geek chic for each daily prompt!

Each day there will be a challenge given and there will be two different takes or versions of that challenge. For instance, today’s challenge is Disneybounding Royalty: Disney Princes for Mr. Pants and Disney Princesses for Mama Jo. You can decide which you want to do (Prince or Princess) and create a look, take a photo, and post it in the forum for today’s challenge! Tomorrow there will be another pair from which to choose, and so on.

There is an achievement for participating in the challenge each day, plus Gwen will have some fun awards to hand out for looks submitted by all of you!

Rules and Guidelines:


Today’s theme:

Disneybounding Royalty!
Mr. Pants has picked Disney Princes for her first look and Mama Jo has gone with Disney Princesses. Which will you choose to cosplay? Post your photos to Twitter, Instagram, or the forums using #IgglesCosplay to show us!

Alright iggles! Let’s take this Closet Cosplay party to the forums! Strut your stuff!