Greetings IGGPPC Nation,

As it is now tradition, I am here to divulge some of the statistics from the last two years of IGGPPC! Last year y’all went wild for my pie charts so this year I had to do one better so this year we have an interactive infographic – just roll over the sections to see the numbers!

As promised below is a break down of how certain geek love categories are made up of a few different loves to make a combined total.

Video Games: Video Games, Mass Effect, Portal, Warcraft, Skyrim, Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Animal Crossing, Dragon Age, Zelda, Mario, Minecraft

Reading + Books: reading, books

Movies: Movies, Film

Lord of the Rings + Hobbit: Lord of the Rings, LOTR, Hobbit, Tolkein

Crafts + Baking: Crafts, Knit, Sew, Crochet, Baking

Whedonverse: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BTVS, Firefly, Whedon

Avengers: Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Shield, Agent Carter

Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones, GoT, A Song Of Ice And Fire, ASOIAF

Disney: Disney, Pixar

Walking Dead: Walking Dead, Zombies

Sci Fi: Science Fiction, Sci-Fi, Sci Fi, SCIFI

Nerdfighter: Nerdfighters, DFTBA

And because I know some people will miss it, here is the geek loves pie chart on its own!

TOP 30 - Year 2-01


Are there any statistics you would want to see that aren’t here? Want to know how many people have listed your favourite geek love? Feeling shocked that something is missing from the top loves? Share your thoughts below in the comments!