As All Hallow’s eve approaches I decided it was time for another DIY… and this one sure is tasty! I made Halloween themed parfaits in honor of one of my all-time favorite holidays, but this quick and easy treat can easily be altered for other holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day… or any day you’re just dying to make desserts! What am I waiting for? Let’s get started!

Supplies for DIY Parfaits

Parfait Supplies: pudding, cup, sprinkles, and spoon

All you need to create these delicious parfaits are:

  • Vanilla pudding (specifics are up to you – I got the pudding cups)
  • A spoon
  • Halloween themed sprinkles (or any other holiday of your choosing!)
  • Glasses to put the pudding and sprinkles in (I got my little plastic cups at walmart for a couple of dollars for a set of 2. The glasses you choose are completely up to you!)

These parfaits are very simply to make. Take your spoon and scoop out some of your pudding into your glass. I put about 3 scoops for the bottom layer.

First step - add pudding to the glass

Scoop a decent amount of pudding into the bottom of your glass.

Next, you’ll add a layer of sprinkles on top of your pudding. I shook a good bit and then moved on to the next layer of pudding. The amount you put for each layer will depend on what you’d like and the size of your glass.


Add sprinkles over the bottom layer of pudding to your desire.

Continue these steps until the glass is filled to your desired height. Make enough for a Halloween party, or just a couple for you and your friends to enjoy! Regardless of the occasion, you’ll surely enjoy these festive desserts!

Halloween Parfait

You now have delicious Halloween parfaits to enjoy on All Hallow’s eve!

The best part is they are quick, simple, and can be easily altered to fit any holiday or special occasion! Let me know how they turn out by tagging me on instagram @the_littlest_liar or on twitter @thedancingdish. I’d love to see your final results!

This post is a part of our Halloween 2015 Party. To see the Halloween schedule, click here