Am I the only one that misses the days of Lisa Frank everything? Backpacks, lunch boxes, stickers, and basically any school supplies ever was decorated in Lisa Frank designs. Sure, it’s still around but it isn’t the “it” thing that it used to be. When I was younger it was one of my first real obsessions – I even still have a pencil case that hardly even looks used!

A few months ago I found a pack of Lisa Frank stickers at the Dollar General and while excited, decided I needed to buy some. Why? I’ll blame nostalgia. Now, what is a nearly 22 year old supposed to do with a bunch of stickers? At first, I had no clue. I stashed them away in my art box and nearly forgot I even had them until one day I had a brilliant idea…

What is one thing almost everyone has on them on a daily basis? Their cell phone! And what a better way to show my love for Lisa Frank than to tote it around on my phone all the time! Within an hour at the most you’ll have yourself a one-of-a-kind Lisa Frank phone case of your own! and the supplies are easy to find!

For this DIY you’ll need:

  • A phone case – this will differ depending on the phone you have. I just found a cheap iphone 5s case at Walmart but any case will work
  • Lisa Frank stickers – I found mine at the Dollar General for maybe $2 at the most
  • Mod Podge – It only costs a few dollars and it comes in a size smaller than the one I used. You can get matte or glossy – whichever you prefer. I used matte
  • Paintbrush – basically any will work. I grabbed a set of 25 brushes from Walmart so I’d be prepared for any other DIY ideas I think of and it was pretty inexpensive
  • Your phone – whatever phone that may be, keep it handy so you can put your new case on
  • Scissors (optional) – I used scissors to trim the edges of the stickers because I didn’t want them folded over on the sides (I kept the sides solid black) but this is a personal preference
  • Paper towels or newspaper (optional but I recommend) – I used a paper towel to keep my desk clean while I applied the mod podge


Supplies needed for DIY

The supplies you’ll need to complete this DIY project – a phone case, Lisa Frank stickers, mod podge, a paintbrush, and your phone

To get started you’ll need to get your phone case and the stickers. You’ll take a sticker, any sticker at all, and place it where you would like it on the case. This is YOUR phone case, so arrange the stickers however you’d like them to be. Repeat this until the case is covered to your liking. Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind phone case and the possibilities are ENDLESS.

A couple of side notes:

  • While it is very much possible to remove the stickers once placing them keep in mind that they might not come up and you will be risking ripping the sticker. Regardless of placement, your case is sure to look AMAZING.
  • I personally decided to use a pair of scissors to trim the edges of the stickers off instead of letting them be on the sides of the case. You can press your stickers down on the sides of the case if you wish to, I personally didn’t like how it looked.
Lisa Frank step by step collage

Add stickers to your hearts content. Which stickers you use, placement, overlapping, etc… is all up to you!

Once you have all the stickers in place exactly where you want them, it is time to get out the mod podge, paintbrush, and the paper towel or newspaper to keep your work area clean. I personally painted 2 layers of mod podge across the stickers, letting it dry for 10 minutes or so between each layer. Afterwards, I did a coat around the sides to seal down any  parts of the stickers that were on the side and then let it dry for another 10 to 15 minutes just to be safe before I put it on my phone.

Finished Lisa Frank phone case in front of Made In The 90s wall art

The finished product – your very own Lisa Frank phone case! P.S. – my wall art fits this post perfectly, don’t ya’ll think so?

There you have it! Your very own Lisa Frank phone case for all the nostalgic 90s lovers out there!

P.S. – don’t you just LOVE my “Made In The 90s” wall art? I couldn’t resist taking a photo in front of it. Pretty fitting, wouldn’t ya think?

I’d love to see what you all come up with! Tag @the_littlest_liar on Instagram or @thedancingdish on Twitter to show me your awesome phone cases! You can also use the hashtag #littlestliarDIY!