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29 03, 2018

WonderCon Wrap-Up – DC Comics Style

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As a huge DC Comics fan, WonderCon had so much to see and do (more than I could get to) and I was in comic heaven. It's a good time to be a DC fan (just don't talk to me about the movies, okay?). And with the Black Label books set to release around August, there's bound to be loads more great announcements coming out of DC Comics. What are you most excited about seeing?

6 09, 2013

Superman Unchained #3

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Superman Unchained is a new book (we are on issue 3 currently) with story by Scott Snyder and art by Jim Lee (and inks by Scott Williams – who really is providing art in creating the details and dimension that bring the work to life), plus epilogue stories with story by Scott Snyder and art by Dustin Nguyen. The book is classic Superman in that he remains a larger than life character; an icon of heroism and selflessness. But the big question to unravel over time is about whether Superman is doing enough.