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22 11, 2018

’90s Chat Meetcutes

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It’s preaching to the choir to tell our community that finding friends online is possible; we’re pretty much experts. But it’s no less of a miracle that these relationships grow up out of text on a screen and flourish into lifelong bonds. Digital meetcutes happen every day and are always worth celebrating! 

19 04, 2013

Pen & paper? This is Excellence in Correspondence

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Did you know that receiving a letter in the mail that is not a bill or advertisement can improve one's mood more than a free drink or a sale on iPhone cases? This is a totally fabricated fact, but if my experience is any indication then it’s totally true. So now that you are an official member of the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club, you ought to give some thought to how you will correspond with the lucky lady who you were connected with. And no, you aren’t allowed to write an email.