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16 03, 2019

Inside the Theme: Funfetti for IGGPPC turns 6

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Welcome to Inside the Theme! Each month we ask the IGGPPC staff to answer a few questions about the theme of this month’s pen pal round. This month the IGGPPC turns 6! Happy birthday to us! In celebration, we asked our Patreon supporters what they wanted to know about the IGGPPC staff at the age of 6. Check out these wee staffers!

11 10, 2013

Geek Parent Blog V 2.0; Sleep

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Hello fellow Iggle mommas and poppas! I'm Lauren, 24 and single parent of Dylan, the tiny terror, the purveyor of poop, the source of stress...he's two years old and has more energy than makes conceivable sense to me. I'm going to be taking over from Emily, writing about the joys (and realities) of geek parenthood.