Camping can be a lot of fun during the day, but what about after you all have to get back to your cabins or tents for bed? Wouldn’t it be great if you had something to do other than whisper secrets to each other? Well, you have us to help you sneak in…er, pick….games to bring to play with your fellow campers! All you need is a Nintendo 3DS and a one of the games listed below, and you will be guaranteed ready for camp cabin game time!

Game Time!

With these portable games, you will be making friends in no time! All of them can be found used and are praised for their gameplay and multiplayer aspects!

Mario Party Island Tour


Official art.

Mario Party has always been a crowd favorite portable game with any group of gamers.  The mini-games are easy to understand and addictive, and the gameplay is equally based on skill and luck. You can play with up to four other players as well so it’s easy to get multiple games going in the cabin and switch around! Mario Party Island Tour can be found at all major retailers still and is obtainable new or used!

Super Smash Bros. 3DS


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Super Smash Bros 3DS is the portable version of the smash hit party fighting game. Turn on the items and get four friends to join in for a time-based brawl to the finish. You never know who’s going to win with the items turned on anything could drop in to give you an edge at any second! Smash can be found easily anywhere that sells games.

Mario Kart 7


If you want to get your whole cabin involved give Mario Kart a try! Up to 8 players can join in a race and Mario Kart even contains download play so other players without the game can join in the fun! Mario Kart 7 can be found at most Gamestops or online, used or new!

Let’s get gaming campers. Remember the most important thing is making friends so don’t get discouraged if you’re new at gaming. The only thing you need is a 3DS and a heart ready to have lots of fun!

Which portable games do you want to play with your cabin? Let us know in the comments below!