Another month and another amazing box from the folks over at OwlCrate! This month’s theme, Hidden Worlds, was waitlisted early in the month of January. With the promise of another anticipated box and an item that has never been a part of an OwlCrate box before, they certainly did not disappoint their wide subscriber base. Another theme from last month that carried over was exclusives! All but one item in the box was designed specifically for this OwlCrate box. Let’s see what was inside!

I love when I open my OwlCrate and the first thing I see is the spoiler card. Being careful to not actually look at it, I set it aside and begin the search for one of my consistent favorite parts of the OwlCrate box, the button. You never know what you’re going to get in an OwlCrate, but there is always (well, for as long as I’ve been getting it) an OwlCrate button that matches that month’s theme card. I love collecting them. The booklet that they send every month now is also a treasure trove of additional information and amusement.

The Goods

I’m not even going to wait to tell you about the biggest, and never before included, item. It’s huge! It’s a beautifully designed wall tapestry that any book lover will enjoy. Perfect for decorating a reading nook or library. This is not the first time the OwlCrate has featured an Evie Bookish product and I hope it won’t be the last. I think the quote so eloquently describes the feeling you get when reading a good book.

The next two items are my favorite item and my least favorite item in this box. I absolutely love the zipper pouch designed by Risa Rodil. Having just finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, I was instantly drawn to this pouch. I love the color scheme and the design is just so whimsical and fitting for the quote from the book. The candle is a very nice candle. It’s purely a personal preference that make this my least favorite item. I don’t really like pine scented things. The vanilla and mint tones of The Chronicles of Narnia themed candle, from Books on Candle (by VIVLYO), make it pleasant but just not my cup of tea.

Next up we have a very cool necklace from Team Owlcrate. This necklace is perfect for your Coraline cosplay as it is inspired by the well loved story. There is also a super cute sticker designed by Naomi Lord featuring some of our favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland. These items and story inspirations go perfectly along with the theme of Hidden Worlds.

The Hazel Wood

This month’s highly anticipated book is The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. Following similar lines from last month, this book is closely related to the fairy tales we all know and love but with a much darker twist. The story is of a down-on-her-luck girl Alice and her mother. Being descendants of a famous dark fairy tale author, Alice and her mother find themselves being hunted by the characters from her grandmother’s book! The story takes Alice through the Hazel Wood to save her mother along with the help of a new and suspicious friend. This book sounds like it’s full of intrigue and suspense and I can’t wait to dig in! Also included with the SIGNED! copy of the book are a letter form the author herself and a sheet of stickers inspired by the book.

Though this OwlCrate wasn’t my favorite box, I was still thoroughly impressed with the team’s selections and the quality of the items included. They continue to find new things to include that their subscribers will love. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the candle and the necklace, but I loved the sticker, and the zipper pouch, and the tapestry. Most importantly I’m really excited about the book. They always pick such good books and they always snag something exclusive for us so that everyone walks away happy!

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