With the new Avengers: Infinity War film on the near horizon, let’s learn how to do some makeup looks you can wear opening night! For this look I’ll be doing my best to emulate the color and glow from the infinity stones. I’ll be going in the order that is on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki which is roughly the order we see them in on screen as well. This means we start with the space stone. Now on with the tutorial!

As always, start with your primer, foundation, any highlight or contour you want. Your base makeup is simply whatever your usual routine is. I used a purple highlighter here because I don’t have a blue one. I really liked the subtle color it added. Once you’ve got your foundation, we can get started on the eyes.

I started with my darker blue and kept it darkest closest to the crease as I applied with my shadow brush. If you have a lighter matte blue I’d recommend defusing the outer edges with that. I didn’t have one so I diffused with a clean brush. For a lighter look, you could also use a nude color to defuse the dark blue.

Next I took a nice shimmery, medium blue and added that all over the lid blending with the darker blue where they met, while making sure to keep it very bright and vibrant in the center.

After that, I tried to use that light blue as a highlighter; it didn’t work. 0/10 do not recommend. Instead I took a gold flake shadow and added that to the inner corner as a call to the final look which will remain a secret for now. At this stage I also added liner and mascara. The liner doesn’t go all the way across my lash line but is basically just the wing. I think it makes my eyes look bigger and it is much easier to do.

Lastly I used my electric blue lipstick to pull it all together!

I know, Snapchat filter but I had a lot of fun with this look and I hope y’all enjoy and give it a try!

Will you be seeing Infinity War opening night or a week or two after?