CAUTION CAMPERS! A bludger is on the loose and terrorizing campers all across the camp grounds! We are working hard to catch it and will keep you posted! Have you seen it? Leave me a comment below or reach out on twitter.


Activity Time!

♦ We’ve made it to DAY THREE! First things first! Head over to the blog to learn how to make awesome no sew ties to show your house or troop pride! Then cool of with some refreshing lemonade.

♦ We’ve got tons of activities today from blanket forts to a camp sticker template for your day planner.


On the Main Screen

We are also POKEMON CRAZY over at the campgrounds! Show us photos of you catching pokémon then check out our Pokémon Origin Trivia!

Camp Chatter

♦ We’ve got THREE watch-a-longs for you today! At 5a we are watching Now & Then followed by Sandlot 2 at 2p and Addams Family Values at 8p. (These times are in CENTRAL, but let us know if you need help converting to your timezone!)

♦ Also – for those campers ages 18+ we are hosting our favorite Iggles Against Humanity game at 10:30am central! Stay tuned to @IGGPPCamp for the link and password to join!

♦ What about our GIVEAWAY? You have until the end of camp to get in on our Camp Swag Care Package giveaway! Enter now!

♦ Don’t forget to check out our yoga pose of the day ! And for you fashionable campers here’s a link to today’s Closet Cosplay challenge! Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

♦ And there might be more surprises throughout the day!

♦ What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Firebolt, Troop Impala, or Troop Serenity?


And Remember…