Someone tore all the labels off the canned foods in the Mess Hall! Guess we are having surprise dinner tonight! Do you know the culprit? Leave me a comment below or reach out on twitter.


Activity Time!

♦ We are getting crafty today! First, let’s learn how to make stamps. Then check out Camper Billywig’s tutorial for making an awesome swag bag if you need someplace to store them. Or maybe you’d rather curl up around the fire and tell a nice spooky story over with Camper Katrana???

♦ It’s Day 2 of camp, still need help picking out a camper nickname?


On the Main Screen

Today we are learning how to make Origami Jim Bobs!

Camp Chatter

♦ Our camp Shadows Game is back! At 5:30p Central, check out #iggleshadows on twitter and instagram to play along!

♦ Counselor Dittany is ready to help to curb your late night snack need with a tasty chocolate chip cookie bake-a-long! Check out her blog post for the recipe, then head to our hangout later today where she will bake them along with you!

♦ What to do with all those cookies? Bring them to our Without a Paddle watch-a-long tonight at 8p central! (Or whatever time that is where you are!)

♦ Don’t forget to check out our yoga pose of the day! And for you fashionable campers here’s a link to today’s Closet Cosplay challenge! Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

♦ What about our GIVEAWAY? You have until the end of camp to get in on our Camp Swag Care Package giveaway! Enter now!

♦ What does your cabin have planed for today? Are you Troop Firebolt, Troop Impala, or Troop Serenity?


And Remember…