Hi everybody, it’s Belette and I’m here with a video I think you will like… You can scream and shout, it’s your favorite moment of the year: the geeky Blind Test is back for Summer Camp!

What’s the Geeky Blind Test? It’s a musical quiz about geeky movies!

Just like last year, everybody can play this game by listening to those 16 soundtracks extracts and try to find in which movie they are featured. When you hear the Bloop sound, another music starts! Try to get a pen and paper so you’ll be able to note each time you recognize a music. Some are very easy to find, some are more difficult: do you best to find most of them, some of them, or even only one of them will be good!

And if you can’t find anything? You still can play! Those 16 movies have a common theme… Can you find it? The real point of the geeky Summer Camp is to find the theme. Good luck, Iggles!

> Watch the video
> Share your answers on the forum (I’ll help!)

And don’t forget to send me your thoughts about the theme by private messages to @EiTHELEEN (that’s me on Twitter!)