Did you all make it through your first night? I heard lots of whispers and giggling all night long… I hope you weren’t plotting any pranks against your fellow cabins… What were you all chatting about? Let me know on twitter.

Letters From Camp

Each day of camp, I’ll be challenging you to write a letter to do some good in the world. This can be as small or as big as you make it, but I encourage you to push yourself! Today’s challenge is: write letter to your political representative. Your elected officials are your voice in your government. Where it’s local or national, drop them a letter on an issue you feel strongly about. Share how you are completing this prompt using the #iggppcamp hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. I’d love to see how you go do good!

Activity Time!

What’s cooking in the mess hall today? Grab your swim suits and head down to the lake to enjoy these Sandy Beach Pudding Cups from Sarah.

In the Arts & Crafts shed, Kendra will help you Discover Your Super Powers and make a no-sew mask to suite up your new hero!

And don’t forget to check out the camp twitter for more activities! Our annual Shadows Game is happening today at 6p GMT! In addition we’ve got daily yoga challenges and a camp themed doodle challenge to keep you busy!

Have you checked out the #igglesplay Tabletop Games Scavenger Hunt?

What are your favorite movies to watch at camp? Whether you like family friendly or horror, we’ve got a ton of watch-alongs lined up over the next three days! Hop on over to see what’s playing now!

Camp Chatter

Need some help with your camp letter writing challenges? Or are you sending postcards to your troop mate? Join Kacie as she hosts a Postcrossing/Postcard Party today at noon (central time.)

Missed the Opening Campfire? Never fear! You can watch* it in its entirety right here!

*any admission of regret contained within this movie is for Camp Purposes Only and is not meant to imply guilt in any other context. (You’ll know what this means if you watch. 😉 )

Report from the 1st Aid Cabin

We’re making digital friendship bracelets, come join us! If today is the anniversary of your existence, come be celebrated at the 96 Hour Birthday BashPlease report @iggppcampnurse immediately if you think you are trapped in an interdimensional void. Don’t forget to check out all the other fun stuff (like puppies and scavenger hunts!) happening at the First Aid Cabin!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

Turtle Time!

What does your cabin have planned for today? Are you Troop Schuyler, Troop Guardian, or Troop Lux?

Join Troop Schuyler today to discuss the women who inspire you, and ways you can give back to your community and the world.

There will be magic today in Troop Lux cabin. Will everyone be worth it? Come and find out.

Troop Guardian will be channeling our inner creativity with today’s activities – meet us in the arts/crafts tent! Don’t forget your glitter!


Are you staying hydrated?

Don’t forget about our Cabin Challenge Competition! You can check in on twitter to see how your troop is doing!

This year we are adding a little more fun to our Troops by creating a little friendly competition! There are a ton of activities for you to get involved in with camp, and if you are part of a Troop, be SURE to use your TROOP HASHTAG for them so we can keep track of who’s doing what!

Activities worth points include but are not limited to:

  • Participating in the Great Closet Cosplay Challenge
  • S’mores creation (photos or it didn’t happen!)
  • Performing an act of charity/random act of kindness
  • Post photo of a completed (or attempted) IGGPPCamp craft/recipe
  • Respond to the daily Letters From Camp challenge

Each activity is worth a different number of points….but part of the surprise is that we won’t tell you exactly how much they are worth! It will be a surprise at the end of camp– and earn your Troop bragging rights for the ENTIRE YEAR (plus a fun digital badge that you can download)!

Not in a Troop? That’s okay! We still want you to participate! If you want to adopt a Troop you can, OR you can participate with just #IGGPPCamp and see if non-Troop campers can beat the Troops at the game!