IGGPPCamp 2016: Staff Picks, Camp Style!

/, Staff Picks/IGGPPCamp 2016: Staff Picks, Camp Style!

IGGPPCamp 2016: Staff Picks, Camp Style!

It’s caaaaaamp and that means our staff picks this month are a special edition campy campy goodness! We’ve picked our favorite things to bring along to camp this year! Leave us a comment below telling us what awesome, geeky things you would bring camping with you!


Joanna: Retro Camp Dishes

These retro style enamel camp dishes make me all sorts of happy. I love camping and I love that these are easy to wash, lightweight but sturdy, and dishwasher safe!


Summer: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Get a good night’s sleep and protect yourself from the cold in this sleeping bag from Think Geek! It’s perfect for all your nerdy camping needs!


Jen: KAISR Inflatable Lounger

A lounger that you fill with the air around you? It looks so easy to use, incredibly comfy, and the perfect camping companion.


Stewie: Three Olives S’mores Vodka

With an assortment of camp-inspired drinks to make, this will ensure your campy weekend is completely delicious!


Toasty: Waterproof Journal

I don’t know about you, but when I go camping, I always feel at my most creative. A waterproof journal is the perfect thing to bring along so when a moment of inspiration strikes, you can record it. There are many waterproof journals out there, but I thought these were aesthetically pleasing. If you want to go for cheaper ones though, check out Rite in the Rain.


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