Greeting Iggles & Miggles! Camp Director Stewie here, and boy oh boy did I have a fun day managing all the activities for you guys. I hope you enjoyed the great panels and webinars we had all day long, as well as the adorable Harry Potter themed craft challenge! And hey, did you get your tickets for the gun show? Or did you throw food into the woods with us on Twitter? Let’s see what happened on Day Six.

Counselor Magic

If you didn’t know, all week long we’ve been posting fabulous pics of our counselors! You can read all their bios and Troop information here!


You can find all the photos on Facebook here! There’s still 2 more days of cute and funny daily pics, so stay tuned! And if you’re wondering what the troops have been up to, just check out their Forum page. Be sure to follow each counselor on Twitter! Follow Buffalo, Kirby, Odie, Belette, and Mama Jo!

The Gun Show


Did you get your ticket? The Mighty Jerd and Iggle Fitness took us on a journey to toughen up those arms!


Such push-ups, much pain, wow. Thanks to Jeff and the whole team behind this effort, our Iggles are breaking a sweat! You can check out all their progress as comments on all the Fitness Challenge blog posts, or on Twitter or Instagram using #IggleFitnessChallenge or on the dedicated Iggle Fitness section of the Forum! It’s not to late to join in to the challenge, but those who have been diligant and done all the challenges so far will win The Mighty Jerd’s new e-books! They are a 3 book set covering all aspects of geek fitness. What lucky Iggles!


Getting witch-crafty at Hogwarts

Leave it to Noxy and the Iggle Craft Club to blow our minds with another adorable, easy, and geeky craft challenge. Today, Noxy catered to those of House Granger (MY FAVORITE!), but I’m pretty sure there’s a little Potterhead in all of us. We created adorable House themed Harry Potter bookmarks out of felt!


Remember to post your completed craft pics to Twitter or Instagram using #IggleCC or on the dedicated Craft Challenge section of our Forums.

A Quest for Freelancealot

At 12PM CST, I was excited to journey down into the depths of Mordor with Williesha Morris as she traversed the terrain of freelancing fun for everyone. Did you don your magical cape and carry your epic sword? Did you ride on the back of the dragon named freelance? Well, I certainly did. She covered how to get started as a freelancer, red flags to lookout for when getting involved in a project, contracts, social media, networking, marketing, and keeping yourself motivated.

Follow #freelancealot for all the tweets on this webinar. You can download her entire powerpoint presentation here, and she highly encourages feedback and questions – tweet her or email her with any follow ups – and be sure to check out her awesome blog,!

Twitter Snapshot

Everyday Cosplay is fun for everyone!

Our 6PM CST panel was an exciting journey into the minds of our creative cosplaying panelists, Joanna Volavka, Megan Gotch, and Leo Camacho. All 3 of them brought their cosplay expertise to the hangout, and talked about their firsts, favorites, and gave our audience great tips for getting involved in everyday cosplay. They covered the basics of what everyday cosplay actually is, the best and most important accessories to have in your closet, where they shop for their everyday cosplays, and we even covered our dream full out cosplays. Watch all 1.5 hours of geeky glory!

Here’s a snapshot of our awesome panelists in some of their everyday cosplays!

anna-disneybound prince-eric-disneybound everyday-cosplay-marty-mcfly
Joanna Disneybounding as Anna from Frozen, Leo Disneybounding as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, and Megan Everyday Cosplaying as Marty McFly from Back to the Future!

Check out #IggleEverydayCosplay for all the tweets on this great panel.

Twitter Snapshot

Comic Books: The under-appreciated educational media

At 8PM CST (Well actually around 8:30PM CST) we learned that comic books do not get the appreciation they deserve in the classroom! Our awesome comic book blogger, Mara Whiteside, took us on a journey through the history of comics books and graphic novels. She covered their use in schools and classrooms, how they aren’t all just superheroes, and the sometimes over-sexualization and gender stereotypes that comic books perpetuate.

You can download the PowerPoint here! Mara loves feedback, so be sure to reach out to her on Twitter or via email with any and all questions about comic books! Also check out her blog! Make sure to read all of Mara’s posts on our blog, +5 Charisma – she writes a fabulous feature called “The Pull List.”

Twitter Snapshot

Ghost Stories… Part Boo!


If you didn’t pee your pants enough the first time, our Ghost Story Writing competition is back – with Part Boo! So put on your creepy thinking caps, grab your pens, and write up a good one! If it is chosen as our winner, you will win this kawaii stationery pack!


Use #IggleGhostStories to tell us how your spooky story is going!

Throw all of your food into the woods!

We had some fun with achievements on Twitter, handing them out like hotcakes. Hehe cake. If you missed out, fear not – you can still throw your food in the woods. Tweet @IGGPPCamp and we’ll make sure something smells your delicious scraps.

Thanks again to all my great Panelists, Activity Coordinators, Camp Counselors, and co-Camp Directors for helping to make this a great day at Camp! Stay tuned for more awesome this weekend! <3