Hello IGGPPC Nation!

Wednesday was a day full of webinars, cupcakes, fitness, book chatting and more! Let’s get started…

Our day began with our daily craft challenge from Noxy and the Craft Club, making your own Wooden Wands! Saddle up potterheads because this one is for you!



Getting our Iggle Fitness going was The Mighty Jerd with a ‘6 Pack Attack’ and ‘Goal Setting 101’!


It was a double whammy of Kacie Cruise after that as she told us ‘How To Write A Review In Seven Steps‘, which is an in depth guide to review writing, and also hungout and chatted with the iggles about YA novels:

My partner in crime for the day, Summer, snuck in between webinars to announce the winner of the first Ghost Story Writing Challenge and the winner was Katie Kempski with ‘Lydia’


Our next webinar came from Katie Rose who taught us some ballet stretches we can use in out every day life! We also launched a fabulous giveaway from Whimsy and Fluff to win a tutu!

Early evening brought us Jen and Toasty with their fantastic s’more cupcake bake-a-long! Plenty of iggles joined in making some tasty treats perfect for a night around the camp fire!

Jen's Cupcake

Jen’s Cupcake

Joanna's Cupcake

Joanna’s Cupcake

Our final event of the day was Late Night Cabin Games with Steena! I am going to copy in her notes on what happened as they are cryptic and hilarious! Check out the video after to get the full scoop!

  • Funny hats (Joanna was a pirate, Summer & I went for the gypsy look, we had TARDIS and Jake the Dog tukes)
  • Random Turkish fellows dropping by to practice their English on us
  • Ginny, George, and Ron Weasley ALL resulted in fortunes of very little money and LOTS of children
  • All three times The Doctor was an option, he provided great travel.
  • Thinking up questions on the spot is HARD!
  • Yams and Yarns look a lot alike sometimes…so when someone asks “Who will buy me all the Yams.” you might want to double check it.

That’s all folks!