Helloooo Campers! Camp Director Em in the house, and what an awesome day that was! Lucky me, being on Australian time, got to stretch it over two days! I hope you have enjoyed today, and that you have shivers up your spine (the good kind) after watching the last webinar on Ghost-Hunting! Here’s a quick recap of Day Seven.


Choose your Spirit Animal!

The Mighty Jerd and Iggle Fitness challenged you to find a fitness spirit animal to guide and inspire!


Don’t forget to use hashtag #IggleFitnessChallenge, or hit up this post if you’re starting the challenges today!

We got prettified

Kimmy showed us how to make some beautiful no-sew bows!

Use the hashtag #igglebows on Twitter or Instagram so we can all check out your creations!Let’s be paper wizards!

Let’s be paper wizards!


Noxy and the Iggle Craft Club delivered yet again with a craft to bring out the inner Wizard in you all!


We would love to see what you come up with, please post your completed craft pics to Twitter or Instagram using #IggleCC or on the dedicated Craft Challenge section of our Forums.

We hunted for Ghosts!

We followed Sarah, @adventgeekgirl on an exciting and spooky adventure where she taught us all about Ghost Hunting, and told stories of some of her own spooky encounters! Also we caught a wild Stewberghost live on camera!

Sarah has given us a copy of her presentation for you guys to refer to, click here to learn everything you need to know to start-a-hunting!

Free stuff!

Leslie of Stationerdy and LeslieMcFarland.com has offered a lovely Dumbledore tee up for Giveaway!


Build your perfect persona!

Emy took us through a step-by-step guide of building an RPG character – everyone knows that’s the best part!

Character Tome

Gather your weapons and use hashtag #iggletome to share your results!

Campers gotta eat!

Gwen introduced us to some amazing Campfire treats, in a convenient cone form!

I think mine will need to be filled with strawberries and banana, choc chips, NUTELLA, and a big blob of whipped cream when they’re out of the oven, aw yiss!


If you made your own Campfire Cone, share them with us using the hashtag #IggleCookingClub or in the Cooking Club forum!

Flags were Captured!

Hit up the hashtag #iggleCtF to follow an all-day long Capture the Flag event set up by Kara and Nancy!

Recap in a recap!

Yes, this is me, recapping a recap. CAMPCEPTION.

Summer took us through building a fort a few days back, and there’s still plenty of time to redecorate your home in blankets and share your own!

Check out Melissa’s rad fort!


Use hashtag #igglefort and keep the photos coming!

Thanks again a bunch to everyone who contributed and participated in today! Don’t go away, there is plenty more awesome to come before camp is out!