I can’t be the only one here that loves watching skilled, and sometimes unskilled, chefs race against the clock to see who can make the best whatchamacallit or hoozlenubber. Some of that skill and creativity is completely out of this world, is it not? I particularly love the baking ones where they’re given a theme and they have to make an extravagant cake or there’s some big event that needs a thousand gorgeous cupcakes. One day, while watching Cake Wars, I realized that getting people together and cooking to a theme would probably be a whole lot of fun.

So, that being said, I’m extremely excited to announce our very own IggleNoms Feast!

Whoa, what? Did she just say feast? Yes, I sure did. I chose to call it a feast because we can’t call it a competition if we’re all winners. Why are we winners? Because at the end of each challenge we get to enjoy the hoozlenubber instead of watching the judges on TV do it. That, and we won’t have those critical judges telling us the hoozle is too dry and the nubber needs more chocolate.

But no, in reality, I chose to call this a feast because we, as humans, have used holiday dinners, potlucks, picnics, festivals and carnivals to bring everyone together for ages and through this challenge-based activity, food will bring all of us together too.

The Way it Works:

Every month will have one general overall theme. Depending on what the IGGPPC calendar looks like, there will be weekly or bi-weekly smaller themes to fit inside of the monthly theme. We will release all monthly challenges around the middle of the month prior to when the challenge begins. This will give you time to brainstorm and prepare for what you want to present.

The basic idea for these challenges is to reach deep inside yourself and bring your love of all things geek to life through food. The beauty of this is that it’s not strict!

For example – maybe one week’s theme will have something to do with dragons. So for me, I immediately think of Skyrim. I still, to this day, shamelessly spend way too many hours playing that game.

I could:

  • make something using only ingredients you can find in the game
  • recreate a food that’s in Skyrim. (Apple Cabbage Stew, anyone?)
  • create something spicy to represent the fire dragons
  • present something cold to represent the frost dragons.
  • create a drink modeled after a potion
  • get creative and design a dragon scale cake
  • try my hand at Dragonborn cake pops, maybe?

You can use anything from color, flavor, design, ingredients, etc. The options are truly endless. The themes are only meant to inspire and spark your passion for the things you love. The challenge here is simply to enjoy these things in a different way, because you’re never too old to play with your food.

To Present Your Feast Challenge Submission(s):

Take a photo and post it to Twitter or Instagram, tagging or mentioning the new @IggleNoms account and/or using #igglenoms to share with more people. Explain your submission and be sure to tell us how you came to be inspired to create it. We all want to know the story behind where your creations come from! Additionally, you can also choose to email us your recipe and photo at IggleNoms@gmail.com so it can be included in a future IggleNoms project.

The IggleNoms Feast will begin October 1st so keep an eye out over the next few days for our spooky theme reveal!