Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

A simple premise led to a revolutionary series, and it’s coming back September 24th. You have a few ordinary people with extraordinary powers and they have to save the world (numerous times).

Heroes was created by Tim Kring and premiered almost eight years to the date of Heroes Reborn (September 25, 2006). What I remember most from that time was a girl jumping off a building and surviving the fall. Just that one scene got enough people interested and kept the show going for four seasons (plus graphic novels and webisodes). Each season (or parts of a season) were broken up into volumes and it was presented like a comic book.


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But why do these people have powers? Are they natural or something out of a test tube? It’s a little bit of both. The eclipse in the opening credits plays the biggest part. For some it gives them powers, and then there are those who were injected at a young age. Many people go through most of their lives before discovering the power, usually after an eclipse, and a specific one at that.


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The powers range from invisibility to flying, but get more creative like poison emission and enhanced synesthesia (basically you see sound waves as colorful light waves, it’s pretty cool). For some they love their gift and for others it’s a constant battle, depending on the power and whether or not they can control it. For instance, there was a boy who could heal but over time the healing turned “sour” and he could only kill.

The series follows these characters and their lives now that they have powers. In a way they are all connected, despite some never meeting.

Each season has a different problem, but are mostly the same: the end of the world is coming and someone needs to stop it. There’s a different antagonist every time (although one is present throughout the whole series). To them they are “saving the world.” And by the looks of Heroes Reborn they will also be following this formula: stop the apocalypse.

*moving onto the spoilers*

For those who have seen the show and need a refresher or just need basic details, this is where we dive more into the characters returning and what has specifically happened to lead us to this point.

There’s Noah Bennet, once a member of “The Company,” a group of people with/without abilities who “bagged and tagged” specials, but usually let them go, but also erased their memory of ever being at The Company. Noah’s emotions about his daughter Claire have always clouded his judgement and sometimes he chooses the wrong side, but for the most part, tried to do the right thing.


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Hiro Nakamura, who can bend time and space and is pretty handy with a sword (and is personally one of my favorite characters) won’t be back as a main character, but most likely a good one. Hiro knew he was meant to do more than a desk job and when he discovered his power, proudly became a “Super Hiro.”


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Matt Parkman had trouble advancing beyond just being a cop until he could read minds and eventually, control them. Matt has been asked to do the worst with his ability and tried to live a normal life but was always thrown back in. Whether he willingly wants to help this time around we’ll have to see.

Mohinder Suresh wasn’t born with his super human strength, but was a doctor who followed in his father’s work to test specials and learn more about them. Overtime he became obsessed with taking away powers but ended up giving himself one.

Angela Petrelli had two sons with abilities, but hers wasn’t known at first. Angela has the ability to dream the future and was one of the original founders of The Company. She sort of lost her way overtime, constantly keeping secrets, but after losing one of her sons started to open up more. She’s done some pretty bad things and will admit it.

The Haitian, I swear is only called in when Noah or Angela need him. He’s able to erase memories, but when other special people are around him, their powers don’t work. He’s wiped the memories of (probably) hundreds of people and one day I would love to hear him say, “I am so done taking orders,” because he’s always there for that.

Micah Sanders was a young boy when he was on the show, but has obviously grown up. Micah’s a technopath, although he never used the term, he only ever said he can talk to machines and tell them to do things. His parents had abilities, but unfortunately died. For a while Micah disappeared until he became “Rebel” in season three when the government was rounding up specials. He was the one getting through computers and screwing with everyone to save his people.

There’s also Molly (being played by a different person.) She is able to locate anyone on earth just by thinking of them. Matt and Mohinder were actually her guardians at one point, looking after her together. Mohinder eventually sent her away while everyone was in danger.

Heroes ended with Claire, Noah’s daughter, who can heal and even grow limbs back, revealing her powers to the world. Whether the world was able to accept them or not, we didn’t find out.

The new characters look promising, but to be honest I’m more excited to see the reoccurring ones, the ones you watched go through the hard times and suffer (and sometimes die in visions). I’d love to know the true nature of the eclipse. Why is it only certain eclipses? What is it about this current time on the show that caused the heroes to return?

The build up to this series has been pretty big. The heroes are returning! There’s the Avatar (I mean a girl who can control all the elements) and Peter Pan (I mean a young boy who can teleport people to places unknown to him).

Now let’s go along with the heroes as they save the world, again.


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