November’s theme is all about the 90s, so I decided to share with you all how to turn your RPG game into a 90’s nostalgia game. So grab a can of Surge and let’s get started on this 90’s RPG adventure.

Creating Characters

This is probably the easiest way to make your RPG full blown 90s. Maybe your elf has Rachel hair and wears Birkenstocks and her primary weapon is slap bracelets. Or you could have a Mage that uses scrunchie slingshot potions and looks like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You can even let your players customize your characters also, so it’s more personal with the flashback.


The Goal of the Characters

What are your heroes trying to accomplish? Is their goal to create the funniest Mad Libs? Maybe it’s making a M.A.S.H. scenario come true. It’s  all up to what you want to do. You can even have each character have a personal goal to accomplish with a 90’s twist.


Setting the Scene

Adding some quintessential 90’s items into your setting can help paint the picture in everyone’s imagination. Have your heroes trek through a Nickelodeon slime swamp. Or have them visit a town where everyone is dressed like Waldo. Play up the 90’s in your scenes to make it feel more nostalgic.

Image Source: Smosh

Allies and Enemies

When building the story, it’s easy to add some 90’s elements with the allies and enemies the players make along the way. They could run into Bill Nye the Science Guy, help him out, and get some awesome perks. Or have to challenge a fortune teller (seen below). Maybe you have to defeat a Super Mario era Bowser or get attacked by a crazed Furby. Picking your favorite 90’s characters and adding them to the story adds to the nostalgia.



Image Source: Listotic

What favorite 90’s elements would you add into your gaming experience? Let us know in the comments.