It’s the time of year to indulge in mini-sized treats because Halloween is upon us! Honestly, I’m always hopeful that we end up with leftover candy after handing it out to the neighbourhood kids. It was always the same growing up too. As much as I love seeing all the children in their costumes, leftover Halloween candy is ideal.

Now what to do with that leftover candy besides just tear open the packages and eat them? Why not try making a different type of treat with them. Maybe chop up the mini chocolate bars to put in cookies or bars? Or you can try your hand at a bark – a Halloween candy bark.

Barks are super easy to make and very flexible. You can use pretty much any candy, broken up chocolate bars, and sprinkles. I picked out some of my favourite types of candy and bought milk chocolate molding wafers for the base. You can use any type of base though – milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Candy I used:



  1. Place a piece of wax paper over a baking sheet. Position the candy and sprinkles over the wax paper.  DSC_0818B
  2. Melt your molding wafers. I placed the bowl of chocolate over a pot of boiling water and stirred constantly. Once the chocolate is smooth and shiny, remove it from the top of the boiling water. DSC_0817B
  3. Spread the melted chocolate over your candy on the baking sheet using a spatula. Do your best to cover all the candy.
  4. Once you’re done spreading the chocolate, add a few more candies and sprinkles to the top.DSC_0820B
  5. Place in refrigerator to cool and harden.
  6. Once bark is hard to the touch, break into pieces. Eat and enjoy!DSC_0825B

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

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