I love the 80s. You love the 80s. We all love the 80s! For some reason, when we think of the 1980s, it brings back memories of a simpler, yet totally tubular time. For some of us, we dream of going back to that decade. It’s impossible, but there are websites that allow you to take a trip down memory lane and I found 3 of the best of websites that salute this great decade!

The Great 80s

A look at The Great 80's Homepage

The Great 80s Homepage

With so many websites out there dedicated to the 1980s, it’s hard to find one that not only makes you want to go out and buy Garbage Pail Kids cards, but will also test your knowledge of that era. If that is what you seek, be sure to check out The Great 80s! It’s filled with great 80s trivia, fashion, TV, and a look back at the McDLT.

They also have fun games where you can find out how much you really know about this radical decade! The Lyricsmaster 80s Edition quiz is a doozy unless you really know the lyrics by heart or at least you think you do! (I had to cheat on some of the questions. Apparently, I don’t know Kajagoogoo “Too Shy” as well as I thought I did. I’ll have to listen to it once more and try the quiz again!)


My 80’s TV

When you feel the need to watch those cheesy yet rad shows and commercials from the 1980s, the first place you want to turn to is YouTube. However, you have to search for each individual show or commercial, and there is no guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. For the record, I do not consider Night Rider to be cheesy. Kit was awesome.

View 80's videos on My80sTV.com

80’s cartoon Bionic Six on My80stv.com.

On My80sTV, you can watch vintage videos on what seems to be a retro TV setup, complete with a retro-looking remote! You can choose the year, channel, and volume. Not happy with what’s on? Just turn the channel like you would any other TV in real life.  When you watch some of the videos, you can instantly tell they are from the 80s! I seriously couldn’t stop watching the commercials. For those interested, they also have My70sTV and My90sTV.


Simply Eighties

We can’t always remember the small things like the Armatron or Speak & Spell. We tend to only remember the big stuff like the Berlin Wall coming down on Johnson and those awesome movies such as Labyrinth. (RIP David Bowie.)

At Simply Eighties, you will instantly be reminded of those small things you had forgotten. It’s almost like stepping into a hodgepodge time warp!  While it reads a lot like a blog with fond memories, it also has timelines related to music and news, and links to buy the hottest fashions from the 80s.  Simply Eighties even has a nostalgic category that features technology, food, and calculators. Holy nostalgia, Batman!


Don’t blame me if you spend most of your free time and not so free time taking a trip back to the 80s. (Anyone else now hungry for a McDLT?)


What is your favorite thing from the 80s?