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Neurotic Moxx (or Francesca, IRL) loves to write about geek culture, video games, and lifestyle. She's a British writer and a proud introvert. When she's not weaving words together, she can be found reading science fiction, tinkling on guitar or ukulele, and crafting adorable plushies.
15 10, 2018

5 Creepiest Indie Horror Games to Play With The Lights Off

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Lights out? Check! Blanket to hide under? Check! October means Halloween, and what better way to celebrate the scariest month of the year, now that we’re too old to go trick or treating, than to settle in for a spine-chilling gaming sesh? Looking for something other than the well-known AAA horror games titles such as  Resident Evil 7 or Until Dawn? Keep reading, as instead, we celebrate the spooky offerings of talented indie developers!