This year at San Diego Comic-Con, comics creator Kayden Phoenix introduced a brand new project called The Majestics. Following the groundbreaking debut of A La Brava, the first ever Latina superhero team in comic book history, Phoenix now unveils a captivating lineup of comic books featuring Native and Latina princesses. I had the opportunity to chat with Phoenix a bit about the new series, making comics, and finding inspiration!

Would you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a chicana lesbian creator and writer from East LA. I started off as a screenwriter and now publish comics as well. I created and wrote the first Latina superhero team in comicbook history called A LA BRAVA.

Congratulations on debuting your new series THE MAJESTICS at San Diego Comic-Con this year! What inspired you to create this series?
Thank you! After A LA BRAVA, I wanted to give fun, lighter stories to a younger audience. THE MAJESTICS are Native and Latina princesses that go on princess adventures. They’re modern day princesses that don’t need a prince to save them, they save themselves.

Since you write about amazing superheroes, what is your origin story as a comics creator? How did you get started?
I wanted to see a Latina superhero on the big screen (and I still do) so I created and wrote a Latina superhero. Then I created four more so I can increase my chances of getting one on the big screen. And since there’s five of them, I made them into a team. Everyone I told about regarding my first Latina superhero I wrote, Jalisco, told me that’d be a good comic. So I made them all into graphic novels.

What is your favorite part about creating comics?
The collaboration of artists is definitely the best part. Everyone brings their specific artistic skills to the table and it elevates the work. I’m very fortunate to have brilliant artists on my books.

We’re a geeky community that connects with one another by writing letters about our shared interests, which we call our “geek loves”. What are your top 5 geek loves (the things you nerd out about)?
Ooooo I don’t know. I really like watching movie trailers- it’s a great quick escapism and I like to see where we are as a society. Huge fan of Demon Slayer. I think that’s all I can currently think of. >.<

Thanks so much to Kayden Phoenix for chatting with us, and we can’t wait to check out your new series!

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