Bonjour from the psychotic land of the IGGPPC Headquarters. We would like to bring to you a word about safety.

Safety is like the COOLEST

I watched this like really scary movie called “Trust” with Clive Owen recently and it was all like “GIRLS WILL BECOME A VICTIM OF A CREEPTASTIC PREDATOR ON THE INTERNET” so then I was all like OMG no not TEAM GRANGER… my BABIES! Anyway, so I wanted to make a little bit of a stink over safety.

The IGGPPC is a rad, awesome place with an amazing community of people. But it’s THE INTERNET. Anyone can get on the Internet and attempt to be a creep … sometimes people are just trollin, and other times they are actually trying to hurt you, by getting personal sensitive information out of you like your address, credit card information, or even explicit photos.

These people are not cool. So it’s up to us to be vigilant like superheroes, and to use common sense when beginning an exchange with someone on this site, or anywhere! Do not give anyone on this site your home address unless you have been paired with them by us… it’s always best to have someone double check your pal, so let us do it for you. And even if you’ve been paired with them by us, if they seem sketchy, do not give them your address! Just let us know you do not feel comfortable with them.

And girls, be aware of what people are posting and talking about here and report any and all suspicious activity to us immediately! All you gotta do is email and link us to the shadiness and we’ll be on it like a pack of crazed hyenas. That’s how we roll.

So take some basic safety precautions and do not give sensitive information out online, be it explicit photos, home addresses or credit card info. We’ll pair people up and make the exchange between you 2 via emails.

Yup yup, safety is awesome! Let’s look out for each other girls, and be smart!! There are some dangerous people out there, so let’s keep this community safe and full of love.

Until next time, you can enjoy this Bob’s Burgers safety sign.