Remember back when pagers, scrunchies, and frosted tips were still fly? Welcome to the 90s, and the time I was still a little geek girl. I called my mom in every morning (even with a mouth full of cereal) to come watch my kiddy shows with me. Even if she was busy with her stay-at-home duties, she would sit with me for a while, pointing at the colorful puppets and encouraging me to sing along. Heck, she always sang along too. I miss the simplicity of the shows I watched as a child: the rustic animations, the informative dialect and the fun songs that came with it. So to relive some of my glory days (even though I’m just in my 20s) I decided to share 5 memorable cartoons from my childhood with you.

1. Gummi Bears

One of my mom’s favorites cartoons to watch with me was the Gummi Bears. Long ago, there was a thriving civilization called the Gummi Bears. They were a group of small humanoid bears that possessed powerful magic and advanced technology and lived in coexistence with humans. That was until the growing rivalry between the humans and the Gummi Bears forced the Gummi Bears to flee. A small caretaker colony was left to prepare for a possible return of the Gummi Bears, but after generations passed the colony forgot their purpose and became a myth in the human world. That of course changes when the colony meets a young boy with a Gummi Bear medallion which unlocks the Great Book of Gummi and reveals the lost knowledge of their mystical past. And then there’s the magical Gummiberry juice that turns you into a super-ball! (Note to everyone: normal berry juice does not work.) Click here to see an episode on YouTube!

2. Brakenjan en die drie Musketiers

Brakenjan en die drie Musketiers (or Brakenjan and the Three Musketeers) is an Afrikaans cartoon I simply adored. In the 17th century, Brakenjan travels to Paris in order to become one of King Louis XIII of France’s musketeers. During his journey, he befriends three musketeers and falls in love with a maid-in-waiting for Queen Anne of Austria. A fun fact: The name “Brakenjan” has become a very popular dog name in South Africa. You will find that a lot of Afrikaans dog owners named their canine pals after this beloved pup. Click here for a YouTube of an episode, and also to hear Afrikaans language!

3. Mina Moo en Kie 

Mina Moo en Kie (or Mina Moo and Co.) is another Afrikaans show about a friendly cow named Mina Moo. She owns a popular dairy in Klokkiesvlei that delivers milk to the locals, especially a creche, primary school and retirement home. Bak and Terie are two sly germs who try to take over Mina Moo’s dairy in every episode with elaborate schemes and plots. When her assistant and deliveryman, Karring Straatkat, takes one sip of milk, he turns into superhero Karring Ramkat and saves the day. The puppets used in this show were very cute and it made every kid want to drink loads of milk. Click here to see an episode on YouTube!

4. Liewe Heksie

Liewe Heksie (whose real name is Livinia) is a very kind-hearted yet dim-witted witch who resides in Blommeland. She cannot perform actual magic, but has a magic horse named Griet whom she can conjure up by saying his name. However, Liewe Heksie cannot remember his name and only summons him accidentally when she calls out “O Griet” in a panicked state. Her best friends are Blommie Kabouter (an elf), her pet cat Mattewis, and a stylish city cat named Karel Kat (who happens to drive a fancy car). The floral beauty of Blommeland is guarded by Silwerroos and if it is ever stolen, all the flowers would die. The evil Geelheks (a wicked witch) who resides in Gifappeltjieland, constantly sends Kerrie and Borrie (two evil elves) to try and steal the rose and brighten up Gifappeltjieland. Liewe Heksie accidentally saves the day every time this happens, and is hailed as a heroine. Click here for an episode on YouTube!

5. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch tells the tale of two puppet cousins, Freckles and Speckles, their watchdog, Woofles, and the mayor, Uncle Bill. It is filled with colorful stories of fun and make-believe and cheerful songs. You can still hear South African adults sing the theme song:

Pumpkin Patch, ho ho ho, Pumpkin Patch
Let’s all go to Pumpkin Patch (woof-woof)
Pumpkin Patch, ho ho ho, Pumpkin Patch
everyday we plaaaaaaaaaay
in pumpkin paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch

Freckles and Speckles will sing a little song
Woofles goes woof-woof-woof and sings along…

Pumpkins are tasty and very good to eat ha…
Pumpkin pie is such a treat!!
Pumpkin Patch …ho ho ho… pumpkin patch!

Here’s a video of the theme song so you can hear it in action!

I am surprised that I didn’t drive my mom crazy with all these sing-song shows that mostly consisted of puppetry and practically the same plot in every single episode. Although it was all so cute that you just had to love it, no matter what.

What cartoons did you love as a kid? Which of these cartoons seems the weirdest to you? Let me know in a comment!