IGGPPCamp 2017 Daily Campfire 3


Loves tea, manatees, murder mysteries, and the adorable noise her cat makes when she jumps on top of furniture.

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  • I think my favorite activity so far has been interacting on twitter. And Radish Friend. Lol

  • CamperBlooPenguin

    Oh my goodness they’re so cool! I’m already excited about getting some and using them for next year’s camp!!

  • Toffy

    I really love Camp postcard swaps and different DIY projects we do!

  • I love movie time!

  • Ann G

    I love radish friend and meeting all the lovely campers in Troop Lovegood!

  • Kate C

    Loving the campfire/Disney songs on right now!

  • Morning campers! Quick note: for the watch a longs, the # to use is #iggleswatch NOT #iggleflicks. Sorry for any confusion! <3

  • SH

    Swaps swaps swaps!!!

  • Hannah Marie Hix

    I got two postcards from the postcard swap today! I’m so happy! Thank you all for being awesome campers!