Are you ready to make the most adorable cinnamon rolls?! These snail cinnamon rolls are easy to make, fun for parties, and super yummy!


  • one pack of cinnamon rolls (I used the regular Pillsbury pack)
  • toothpicks
  • mini marshmallows
  • chocolate chips



Cinnamon Rolls


Preheat oven as per package directions. Grease a baking sheet.

Open cinnamon roll package and place rolls on baking sheet. Unroll approximately 1 inch of the cinnamon roll and pull away from the roll. Roll the end of the strip under itself and pinch. This forms the snail’s head.


Snails formed

Bake according to the package’s directions or until golden brown.

Assemble snail eyes; push chocolate chips into mini marshmallows and then press onto toothpicks.

Snail Eyes

Once the cinnamon rolls are done, let cool for 5 minutes and frost the shell with the icing that’s included in the package. Insert the toothpick eyes into the top of the snail’s head.

Snail Cinnamon Roll

Ta da! They’re done and looking cute! If you end up making some snail cinnamon rolls, please share them and tag them with #IGGLENOMS so we can share them on social media.

Finished Snail Cinnamon Roll