Yes, we know mermaids are everywhere right now but does that make them any less beautiful? Nope. Does that mean we shouldn’t be obsessed with them? Nope.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this easy to follow video tutorial to help you create a beautiful, mermaid cosplay look.

What will I need?

  • Some clip-in hair extensions to give you those long mermaid locks
  • A clean, old towel
  • Hair chalk in a blue/green shade (grab these in large chemists or online)
  • A big, fluffy make-up brush
  • A dark blue-green eyeshadow
  • A shimmery light blue eyeshadow
  • A wig cap (if you have one, fishnets tights will work if not)
  • A bold blue lipstick
  • A sectioning comb
  • Your curling wand or iron

Step 1: Chalk your extensions

Get this party started by adding some striking blue-green streaks to your clip-in hair extensions. Top tip – it’s a lot easier to this before you’ve clipped them in!

Lay your wefts down on your towel, grab your hair chalk and start gently chalking the ends in a downward motion. You might have to go over each streak a few times to build up a good intense colour. You want to make some streaks longer than others to keep the effect natural. Well, as natural as blue hair can be! Basically, you don’t want a severe half and half look with all of your streaks the same length.

Step 2: Create some fish scales

Our favourite part of this look is that unique fish scale effect. To create your own facial fish scales, you need to pop your wig cap or fishnet tights over your head, pulling them down so they cover forehead. (If you decide to leave it there and go as a bank robber at this point we totally understand.)

Load up your fluffy brush with the darker of your eyeshadow shades and boldly brush it over your forehead along your hairline. Then apply the lighter shade just underneath it for a funky ombre finish.

Next, tear a hole in your wig cap or fishnets for your mouth, eyes and nose and carefully pull them further down to your chin. Use both of your shades in the same way again to create that ombre fish scale effect on your cheekbones and jawline.  

Step 3: Slap on that lippy

Once you have gently removed your wig cap or fishnets – and admired your beautiful fish scale effect for a while – it’s time to apply your blue lippy. The more vivid the shade, the better. Don’t hold back, this is no time to be a wallflower.

Step 4: Clip in your extensions

With your face all ready to lure some sailors to their watery ends, it’s time to finish up your hair. Brush through your natural hair, then take your chalked hair extensions and clip them in a section at a time. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before, it’s totally easy. Watch this newbie guide to clipping in extensions if you’re unsure.

Step 5: Blend with your natural hair

All clipped in? Now you just need to chalk a few streaks into your natural hair as well. This will help blend your extensions in with your own hair.

Step 6: Make some waves

To give your hair that tumbling mermaid style, finish things up by adding in a few loose waves with your curling wand.

And that’s all there is to it. We’ll leave you to get on with making that fish tail…