IGGPPCamp 2016: Iggle Yoga Challenge Day 4

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IGGPPCamp 2016: Iggle Yoga Challenge Day 4

Hello and welcome to day four of our 5 day IGGPPCamp yoga challenge! If you missed day one, check out this post, or days two and three to get caught up. It’s never too late to join in! So, let’s get to it!

How the challenge works:

As a reminder, there are two parts to every daily challenge: a challenge yoga pose and a location. It is your task to go out into the world and do this pose in that location. You are encouraged to take a picture (or most likely, have someone else take a picture for you) of yourself doing the pose in this location and to share it to social media! Can’t go outside because of weather or season? Get creative with the challenge and find a different way to complete it! We have a special hashtag for this challenge: #yogigglechallenge and always be sure to use #IGGPPCamp!

Don’t know the pose? It’s okay, scroll down and watch the instructional youtube video I found for you!

Here’s today’s challenge:

Pose: Warrior One

Location: By water!

So head out and find some water for your Warrior One! Remember to snap a photo and tag it #yogigglechallenge and use #IGGPPCamp!


Need some instruction or a refresher on Warrior One? Check out the wonderful instructional video below!

Need more yoga today? Check out this flow that incorporates multiple warrior poses including Warrior One. Warrior One is often incorporated into warm-ups involving sun salutation B, which is a great workout in itself (especially when you have to repeat it in class for what feels like fifty times)!

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