Hi de ho campers, welcome to day 2 of the IGGPPCamp Iggle Fitness boot camp. Today we will be working on your skipping skills which as a bonus will help to sculpt your shoulders!

Before you start, make sure your chosen skipping rope is perfect for you: put a foot in the centre of the rope and lift up the handles. The handles should not come past your armpits or else the rope is not right for you.

Level one for today’s activity is to do one set of each move, and level two is to do two sets of each move.

  1. Figure 8 – standing with your feet shoulder width part, grasp the rope handles in both hands in front of your body. Make a figure 8 with the rope, shifting your weight from right to left foot as you move your arms across our body. Start from your right shoulder to your left hip and then your left shoulder to your right hip.
  2. Single jump – jump over the rope, one jump per turn with your feet together and ensuring only the balls of your feet touch the floor.
  3. Front-Back – alternating on each jump, jump forwards with feet together 6 inches and then back 6 inches. One jump per turn of the rope.
  4. Slalom – alternating on each jump, jump to the left with feet together 6 inches and then to the right 6 inches. One jump per turn of the rope.
  5. Jumping Jack – jump over the rope and land with your feet wider than hip width apart, on the next jump land with feet together, repeat.

    The picture we want you to share with us on Twitter @IggleFitness today is your skipping rope! Don’t forget to use the hash tags #IGGPPCamp #IggleFitness