Being Halloween and all, we always need some special recipes to celebrate.

Today, I’m sharing with you my latest recipe, which I hope you like! It’s Brain Zombies in Werewolf Mucus, with Vampire Fingers, Crisp Bat Wings and a dash of Dried Troll. Now onto the recipe!

First we have to prepare everything individually, so we can then assemble our dish.

Zombie Brains

Nowadays there is pasta with various colors, so if you can buy some like this it would be amazing; something in a redish-orangey color! Like this…


Although if you can’t find nothing like this you can color your own pasta! How??? Simple. You can put a few drops of food coloring in the water when you are cooking your pasta. As with coloring cakes, etc, you choose how the color will be, more or less strong depending on how much food coloring you put in.

After cooking the pasta according to the package instructions, drain it and put it aside.


Crisp Bat Wings

You need a few slices of bacon, 4 to 5 slices to be exact. Chop it and then sauté in a pan to crisp it. Be careful to not burn it, it can be easy to. Put it in a few paper towels to absorb the grease.


Note: Do not wash the pan, we will be needing it for the Werewolf Mucus.

Werewolf Mucus

We have to have a little yellowy color, and we have that by using the pan where we sautéed the bacon. First melt 1/3 cup of butter on low heat. In the meantime chop a small onion, add to the butter, with 1/2 tsp of garlic, sauté everything for a couple of minutes on medium heat. Then add 1 tsp of flour, mix it and let the flour cook. Remove the pan from the heat, add carefully 2/3 cups of milk slowly while mixing. Back to the heat with the pan, on medium heat. When the sauce starts thickening it’s ready!


Vampire Fingers

This one is super easy! Grab some pre-cooked hot dogs, I used 3 per person. With a sharp knife, make some cuts to make the sausage look like fingers.


Dried Troll

This one is even easier! It’s dried oregano!!!!!!

Now, to put everything together! You ready?

Grab a pot and put it on a burner on low heat, add the Werewolf Mucus and the Zombie Brains, stir and heat everything. Transfer in to a dish and it’s time to decorate! Add your Vampire Fingers, sprinkle the Crisp Bat Wings and the Dried Troll!




Happy Halloween!

If you have any questions let me know! Don’t forget to share you dishes with us!