When people think about tabletop gaming, they think of elaborate set ups with a million tiny pieces such as dice, meeples, cards, figures, etc. Or they think of complex RPG’s, with info sheets and maps and critical rolls. But, there is a whole section of tabletop gaming that is meant to be small, portable, and played quickly. These games are known as microgames, and they have made a huge comeback.

Microgames are perfect for all levels of play, whether your are a complete newbie or a master GM of your own RPG group. How, you may ask? Well, dear reader, for multiple reasons.

Image Source: Gamewright

Image Source: Gamewright

Microgames are quick to learn and quick to play. This is great for new gamers because more complex games seem very daunting with the layers of rules and numerous pieces. Since game play only lasts about 15-20 minutes per round, the rules are also simple and there are less pieces involved.

Microgames are very portable, which means gaming anywhere at any time. Many of these games come in small bags or boxes, small enough to toss in your bag and go. They are great to pull out at dinner parties or bars, maybe even during your lunch break because set up takes so little time.  What experienced gamer wouldn’t want to be able to game wherever, whenever? And new gamers can induct other people on the new gamer adventure by pulling out a great microgame.

Microgames are still fun and interesting. Just because it takes less time to play and involves a smaller set-up, does not mean it detracts from great gameplay.  Many microgames are strategy-bluffing games that take quite a bit of trickery and thought to play well. The games are easy to learn, but take skill to win.

Microgames are perfect for two-player gaming. I am always hunting for games that would only need one other player, because sometimes I don’t want to have to corral a large group just to game. Microgames fill this need, because small games mean small groups.

Image Source: Alderac Entertainment Group

Image Source: Alderac Entertainment Group

But what microgames should you play? Well there are so many to choose from, but here are my favorite microgames.

Sushi Go, by Gamewright, is a card passing game where players pass around cards and play different ones to best benefit their strategy. Also, all of the cards are different point values of cute sushi graphics. Seriously, the pictures are adorable.

Love Letter, by Alderac Entertainment Group, is a card game where you want to get your letter to the Princess first. By picking and choosing your characters carefully, you can win your way to her heart.

Coup, by Indie Boards and Cards, is a bluffing game where you must strategize a way to eliminate your foes, either honestly or not. In this dystopian universe, you can assassinate, block others, and perform a coup against another player, and the more secrecy, the better.

So if you are looking for a great game that is easy to learn and play, and can be taken anywhere, microgames should be your go-to gaming choice.