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Movie Review: Incredibles 2 *SPOILER FREE*

We've waited 14 years for this film: The Incredibles 2 opens this weekend to about as much anticipation as any Disney/Pixar sequel can have. And while audiences have been waiting over a decade for this one, it seems like Disney has finally decided to go all-in with the Incredible-Family: Disneyland's new "Pixar Pier" opens later this month with the signature featured ride, the "Incredicoaster", occupying a massive footprint on the retooled boardwalk. But enough about that-- let's talk about the movie! And don't worry: this is a spoiler-free zone. 

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Book Review: Brief Cases (More Stories from The Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher

It’s been four years since we’ve seen a new escapade from Harry Dresden in the paranormal filled Chicago, Illinois created by Jim Butcher. But as of June 5, 2018, fans can dive back into that world with Brief Cases, a new short fiction collection from the Dresden Files.

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Hogwarts Mystery: Quick Review

I find Hogwarts Mystery to be an entertaining game, for what it is. You run out of energy quickly, unless you are willing to spend money, but honestly I don't mind games like this that I can play once or twice a day and feel like I'm enjoying them without spending hours of my life staring at my phone. That being said, there isn't anything "new" to it: it's pretty much just a retread, in a mildly interactive way. 

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Well. That really was something, wasn't it? If you've already seen Avengers: Infinity War, chances are you left the theater at least a little stunned. I was, too, until a few things clicked into place for me, and I want to share my thoughts with you on this. So let's chat about the ramifications of Infinity War, and what it might mean for part 2 coming in 2019.

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Important Update from your IGGPPC Staff, May 2018

As European iggles might be aware, a new data and privacy legislation (GDPR - read about it here) is coming into effect at the end of May. This means we need to update our privacy policy, terms and disclaimers. We have been working hard on it, but alas we haven't got it finished and GDPR does have a knock-on effect on other areas of the club. So while we dot the I's and cross the T's the club will be on an impromptu hiatus.

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OwlCrate March 2018: Across The Galaxy **Spoilers**

Let's talk about March's OwlCrate: Across the Galaxy. I would like to preface this post with the fact that I cried while opening this box. I know I have said it in the past but this was my favorite OwlCrate by far! Two things you should know about me. I love the color purple and I am obsessed with galaxy print things. This box made all of my purple/galaxy print dreams come true.

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A chat with Jamila Rowser, writer of Wash Day comic now on Kickstarter

This week we are excited to share Wash Day, an upcoming slice-of-life comic from writer Jamila Rowser, one of the co-founders of Geek Girl Brunch, Straight Outta Gotham, and more. The Kickstarter for this comic was fully funded in less than 48 hours (WOW!) but you have until May 4th to back it and get some really cool perks! This week we had a chance to chat with Jamila about the comic, what she's working on now, and of course her current geek loves. 

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Geeks love: Ukulele

The ukulele (uke) is a small fretted instrument that, we’ll admit it, kinda looks like a small guitar. Modern ukes were developed from the Portuguese machada (or machete), which was brought over to Hawaii in the 1800s by settlers. Introduced to North America through the Panama-Pacific Expo in 1915, the uke became a popular addition to jazz bands in the 1920s, and has fans all over the world, particularly in Japan.

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Infinity Stones Makeup Tutorial – Space Stone

With the new Avengers: Infinity War film on the near horizon, let's learn how to do some makeup looks you can wear opening night! For this look I'll be doing my best to emulate the color and glow from the infinity stones.

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WonderCon: Exhibitor Spotlight on Elhoffer Design

And that's what I love about Elhoffer Design-- the commitment to high quality, affordable designer pieces that flatter all kinds of body types, the celebration of lady/femme-nerds, and, I cannot emphasize this enough, the inclusion of functional POCKETS in the designs.

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Geeks love: Washi tape

Hello, and welcome to the column where we explore our favourite ‘geek loves’. Whether you’re reading to find a few ideas for that ‘five geek loves’ list as you search for a pen pal, to pick up a new hobby, or you want to know “what is that?” we’re sure to have something for you. This week we're talking about washi tape!

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Small Business Spotlight: Nerdy Monsters + GIVEAWAY

Here at IGGPPC, we love supporting nerdy entrepreneurs and female/femme-empowering small businesses, and introducing you to them as well! And while Jennifer Holmquist (MagicCatJenny) is a familiar face in the IGGPPC community, we wanted to catch up with her about her shop, her creative process, and what she's currently geeking out about. Plus you can win one of her Nerdy Monster plushies-- Iggle! (note: giveaway is US-only)

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