Our theme for July!

There is no pen pal round for July, but we’re still celebrating a theme!

Learn more about our themes here.


New to the IGGPPC?

Is it your first time here? Welcome! Maybe it seems a little bit overwhelming, but fear not! Get a taste of what’s in store, as you adventure with the iggles. Let us be your guide on your quest! We’re so glad to have you!


Happy Canada Day

Use mapleiggles to unlock the Canada Day achievement!

Achievements are a fun way to track your progress with the club. You can earn them for being active on the forums, posting comments on our blog, participating in activities and events on the site, creeping around and finding them on the website, and much more!


We’re selling Camp Kits for the 2nd annual IGGPPCamp which takes place August 13-18, 2015. All profits will benefit the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund. Preorders open until July 15. What are you waiting for??



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