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Round 49 Sign ups open: November 1 – 30 | Pairs sent: December 1 – 12
Round 48 Pairs sent: November 1 – 12

Learn about the New Pen Pal Sign-up Schedule we’re testing out.
Safety first! Please make sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page as well as our Safety Policy.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for a pen pal is not the same as registering for the IGGPPC site. Please do BOTH. 🙂

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Tips For Getting A Good Pen Pal
5 Tips For Making A Good Connection With Your Pen Pal

Disclaimer:  Once we have put you in contact with a new pen pal we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of any contact of any kind made between you. For those of you who have been left in pen pal limbo, you can check out our Pen Pal forums. If you are between 13 and 17 please ask your parents permission before joining. By confirming you have read this disclaimer you are acknowledging that you have permission to join this service.

We do hope you use common sense and if you decide you feel uncomfortable giving your address out, don’t. We wouldn’t want you to do anything you don’t feel 100% about. Your participation is totally voluntary.

If you are sending gifts with your letter remember to check that there are no international restrictions on posting said item.

Still unsure? Check out our Safety Page!

And remember, play nice people… we’re all friends here.


The New Pen Pal Sign-up Schedule

For the next 2 months, we will be testing out having our Pen Pal Round open for the entire month, not just half of the month.

Here is how the original system has worked:


And here is how the new system will work for the next 2 months:

As an example – with the original system, if you came to sign up for a Pen Pal on October 2, you would have to remember to come back to the site on October 15 because the Round would be closed. When you came back, you could then sign up for a Pen Pal and you would have to wait until November 1-12 to receive your pair. With this new system, if you came to sign up for a Pen Pal on October 2, you would be able to sign up for a Pen Pal then. You would still have to wait until November 1-12 to receive your pair.

We believe this new test system will remove 1 step on the path to receiving a Pen Pal, but the time you will have to wait to be paired may seem longer. In reality with both of these options, you may still have to wait up to 6 weeks to be paired – but with the previous system, it was a matter of waiting 2 weeks for the Round to open and then waiting up to 4 weeks to be paired.

There are pros and cons to both of these systems, but we’re hoping with this potential change in the time you can sign up for a Pen Pal, we will be able to increase the convenience factor for existing Iggles and potentially increase our Pen Pal pool by making it easier for new people to sign up right away, instead of feeling discouraged that the Round isn’t open when they get here and losing interest entirely.

We welcome your feedback while we test this new system out. All comments can be emailed to – and we look forward to provide an awesome and friendship-filled experience to our wonderful community.