Looking for some creative, geeky gifts for the holiday season? Perhaps looking for that perfect item for your bibliophile geek pal? Here’s a round up of some fun things to gift your book-loving friends to keep them reading through the coming months!

Here’s what’s on my list, starting in the upper-left corner of the image above!

Audible Gift Subscription

Know someone who fails to do certain tasks because it requires their attention be pulled from the pages of book? A subscription to Audible is the perfect solution. You choose the length for the gift subscription and it offers one credit per month that your bibliophile friend can use for an audiobook (and sometimes more due to frequent sales).

Iron Throne Bookend

Your bibliophile friend has tons of books on the shelf. What better gift to give than a statement making book end to help display them. The Iron Throne is the perfect thing to help keep those giant tomes from George RR Martin standing tall on the shelf.

Celebrate Banned Books

Every bibliophile has at least one favorite book that was banned for one reason or another. Help them celebrate those books and protest censorship with an enamel pin or a mug from Out of Print. You could also provide a donation to your local library in the name of your favorite reader.

Book Darts

Book Darts are precision-cut, paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page. They are the perfect thing to give a friend who always wants to mark and reference a favorite passage in a beloved book, without folding a page or otherwise marring it.

Literary Fashions

Socks, scarves, totes, and more are all available to celebrate a love a books. Gift a scarf bearing the text of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland from Uncommon Goods to keep one warm and cozy this holiday season. The infinity scarf is made from a medium-weight cotton knit with a shirt-like texture.


While your book-loving friend probably has tons of books, she will never judge you for gifting another great read! Check out the great gift guides from Penguin Random House. These guides will help you find books for moms, dads, teens, kids, history buffs, and more. And you can always ask the Geek Girl Pen Pals hive mind on twitter for more specific recommendations!

Decorative Bookplates

For the rare bibliophiles that actually let their books leave their site, bookplates are a perfect way to make sure they return. Additionally, bookplates are a great way to get author signatures into precious volumes without lugging around the weight of heavy books. The bookplates pictured are from Sunshine and Ravioli‘s Etsy shop. Many more are available on this shop and elsewhere.

Got any other great geek book gifts suggestions? Leave them in comments below!