Looking for some creative, geeky gifts for the holiday season? Perhaps looking for that perfect item for your fashionable geek pal? Here’s a round up of some fun things to gift your friends who have that touch of geek chic this year!

Here’s what’s on my list, starting in the upper-left corner of the image above!

Cinderella Pullover from Cakeworthy

Vintage-style pullovers and jerseys are all the rage this year, and this gorgeous Cinderella pullover from Cakeworthy is sure to bring the nostalgic snuggly feels. The pastel palette is also on trend with this season, so double-bonus!

Lost Princess Necklace from Whosits and Whatsits

These charming Lost Princess Necklaces from Whosits and Whatsits are the perfect addition to a Tangled everyday cosplay! Choose the color you prefer and give it to your Disney-loving friend!

Be A Dragon Beanie from Jordandené

Normally I’m raving about Jordandené tops, but I’m also loving the brand’s expansion into accessories, including pins and these adorable Be A Dragon beanies! You can even choose what color you want your recipient’s beanie to be! Plus it’s the perfect size to fit in a stocking!

Captain America Wristlet from ShopDisney

This sleek Captain America wristlet is fun and colorful, but also small enough to tuck into a larger bag if needed. Rock the colors of the first Avenger to your holiday party, or share with the friend who’s with you to the end of the line.

Loungefly Stranger Things Chibi Belt from HotTopic

Webbing belts, aka seatbelt style belts, are a fun, fashionable way to make a statement that incorporates your geeky faves into your everyday look! Make your giftee’s wardrobe a little stranger with this Loungefly Stranger Things chibi belt!

Minnie Mouse Gingham Print Earrings from FemmeDeBloom

With the return of 90s fashion comes one of my personal favorite trends– plaid everything! Plaid is classic and fun, much like style icon Minnie Mouse– and you can give all of those things in one with these lovely Minnie Mouse gingham print earrings from FeemDeBloom!

Teal Shimmer Cartridge Compact | Shiro Bundle from Espionage Cosmetics

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with my Espionage Cosmetics Cartridge Compact– it’s not only the exact size, shape, and weight of a classic game cartridge, but it’s fully customizable with space for drop-ins of Espionage’s high quality lip blushes or eyeshadows. This Teal Shimmer Cartridge Compact Shiro Bundle includes the compact and two shadows, perfect for gifting!

Wonder Woman Denim Jacket from Hero Within

This ladies’ fit Wonder Woman denim jacket from Hero Within debuted at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and I have to say I was smitten. The detailing, from the buttons to the hidden WW logo on the inside take the classic denim jacket to the next level.

Got any other great geek chic gift suggestions? Leave them in comments below!