Get Involved: Activites

Ugh, websites can be such a spectator sport. That’s why at the IGGPPC, we plan to drag you onto the dance floor and get you fully involved with what we’re doing!

Activities are community led ways that you can interact with all the things that are happening in the club.

Looking to take more of a leadership role? Click here to see which Activities are currently seeking members for their LEADERSHIP TEAMS!
(This means you will help coordinate and lead an activity, not just signing up to participate.)

Looking to build your online writing portfolio? Active members of our IGGPPC community are invited to contribute to our blog, +5 Charisma!
Check out the guidelines and pitch process here!

Current Activities

We’ve got iggles running the following activities: Books and Reading, Fitness, Food, #IggleChat (Live Chat), Movies, Video & Tabletop Games, Writing/Blogging/Art. Click on an activity to see what challenges are happening!

Iggle Chat
Iggle Chat#IggleChat
IggleChat is a community engagement project designed to encourage getting to know one-another and chat with your fellow iggles about a specific topic.It’s a great place to meet new iggles, and a weekly chance interact with the community. Join us at 3 PM UTC every Saturday on Twitter! Follow #IggleChat to join in!
Iggles Create
Iggles Create#igglescreate #iggleswrite #iggledailyjournal #iggledoodles
If it involves a creative pursuit, we want to hear about it! Home of the Iggle Doodle and Iggle Daily Journal prompts, IgglesCreate is for all creative types – from painting to writing and everything in between. Like to think outside the creativity box? You’ll fit right in here.
Iggle Fitness
Iggle Fitness#igglefit
We care about all-around wellness: mind, body, and spirit. We love to motivate our iggles for a healthy lifestyle, with monthly challenges and regular self-care reminders. If you’re looking to get fit, get healthy, or just in need of a pick-me-up, stop by and say hi!
Iggle Flicks
Iggle Flicks#IgglesWatch
Watching movies with friends is a lot of fun! Doing it from the comfort of your own home is even better. Join us for monthly watch-alongs and other video-related shenanigans!
Iggle Gamers
Iggle Gamers#IggleGamers
For iggles who love any type of gaming! We do everything from puzzles to card games; tabletop to MMORPG. We love making new friends to play with! If you want to talk about games of any sort, this is the place for you.
Iggle Noms
Iggle Noms#igglenoms
We love food! This is the place where recipes come to be tested and tweaked, then their perfection shared with the iggleverse to make on their own. Can’t decide what to make for dinner? We can help!
Iggle Worms
Iggle Worms#iggleworms
Have you ever dreamed of having the library from Beauty and the Beast? Us too! With a monthly read-along and all the recommendations you could possibly hope for, IggleWorms is a haven for all those who love books and the written word.
Monthly book club hosted on GoodReads. Come talk all things books & read our monthly picks.

Defunct Activities

Over the years we’ve had many activity groups, some of which are now defunct. If you want to breathe life into one or start a fresh one get in touch –!

Iggle Bugs
Iggle Bugs#IggleBugs
Flex those photography muscles with the Iggle Bugs
Comic Book Alliance
Comic Book Alliance
Iggles getting together to share their love of comic books
Iggle Crafts
Iggle Crafts
Monthly IGGPPC Iggle Craft Challenge (Now part of IgglesCreate)
Iggle Tabletop
Iggle Tabletop
A monthly tabletop game challenge! (Now part of IggleGamers)