A few of the events are live, but not all. Live events often happen on Twitter or via online hangouts. If an event is live, it will have a time listed next to it in the Camp Handbook.

In order to participate via Twitter, you will need a Twitter account. You can follow @GeekGirlPenPals for information and @IGGPPCamp for all of the live events. Live events are listed in CDT time but if you are still confused, you can tweet us to confirm the time zones!

We also use a hashtag: #IGGPPCamp By adding that to your tweets, you create a clickable link that allows you to find other Campers, camp activities, and allows us to find and interact with you, too!

If you simply want to read the live tweet but don’t want to open a Twitter account, you can also check this link and refresh every few minutes to see what’s new!