So you want to ensure you get a good pen pal! Great – getting a good match is a 2-way road. You need to do your part to ensure you sign-up for a pen pal in the best way possible.

Do I have to be a bonafide geek?

First, allow us to lay out our definition of ‘geek’. Different people have wildly varying opinions on what it is that makes a geek a geek. To us being a geek is about being passionate about something; be it retro gaming, cosplay, comics, epic fantasy sagas, time traveling dandies, crocheting Pokemon, history, recreating food from the world of Roald Dahl, science, wizards with emotional baggage, or any other of the endless possibilities thrown down by the universe! At IGGPPC HQ, we welcome all, not matter what your passion is! For a more in depth explanation, check out Farquharson’s blog about it!

Do I need to be careful what I list in my top 5 geek loves?

Yes! When choosing your top five geek loves, be specific! We match each pair by hand, picking people based on at least one shared interest, which can get tricky when we come across the vague, generic answers. Basically you need to help us help you!

Great Here we have an example of a great selection:

  • Captain America
  • Doctor Who
  • Knitting
  • Table top games
  • Fantasy books, ie Tolkien, Game of Thrones

Because it is specific, it’s easy for us to match with another person. Maybe one who has also put down Doctor Who and Game of Thrones? Being specific with your choices also means that even if we didn’t have any exact matches, we can still use the list to match with someone who has similar interests. For example, someone who may have listed the Avengers and Cards Against Humanity would be a good match to this list as they are similar/related to Captain America and Table Top Games.

Too Vague Here’s an example of a vague selection of geek loves:

  • Films
  • TV
  • Crafts
  • Video Games
  • Books

These are more difficult to match as it is giving us nothing specific to go on – these topics could be so many things. At the very least please add genres in, it’ll help us at least narrow the spectrum down!

Thanks for reading, and good luck getting matched up with the perfect pen pal!

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