Did I scare you? No? Well if that didn’t scare you try these horror podcasts to get you in the Halloween mood!

King Falls AM

King Falls AMWhen I last wrote about King Falls AM I described the town it is set in as equal parts Twin Peaks, Stars Hollow, Eureka and Eerie, Indiana and I stand by that description; the inhabitants of King Falls are as idiosyncratic and endearing as any of those in the other towns. Following the misadventures and the strange goings on in a weird mountain town, the podcast does lean more towards comedy but there are some heart pounding, narrative curve-balls that will leave you reeling. The character development and story development is well delivered, with so many strong personalities in the town it’s hard to choose a favourite. (Who am I kidding, its Hershel, always Hershel). Start at the beginning and dive into 6-60 on the radio dial.

The Black Tapes

As I write this, The Black Tapes is one episode away from completing its third and final season (NOOOOOO) – but don’t let that discourage you from getting well acquainted with this creepy podcast. Presented as a radio documentary a la Serial, it follows radio journalist Alex Regan on her investigation into Dr Strand and his collection of black VHS tapes, each one documenting an unexplained paranormal phenomenon. This podcast, in places, is terrifying and I have found myself looking behind me while listening to it, in broad daylight, in the height of summer! 

Alice Isn’t Dead

From the mind of Joseph Fink (one of the creators of Night Vale), Alice Isn’t Dead is a slow burning nightmare following an unnamed truck driver as she searches for her wife Alice across the USA. A slow burning story, narrated by Jasika Nicole (who you may know from her outstanding performance as Astrid in Fringe). I can’t say too much about this without giving away the goods, but if you don’t have nightmares about the Thistle Man then I must ask, is your heart made of stone?


No horror podcasts list would be complete without including Lore. A bona fide international phenomenon, each episode explores the horrifying real life truths behind urban legends and horror stories from across the globe. Narrated and created by Aaron Mahnke, this spooky podcast is now TV show and we’ll be watching 3 episodes as part of our Halloween Party!

Honourable Mentions

Looking for more horror podcasts to give you a scare, look no further. Here’s some other great creepy podcasts for you to sink your teeth into: Welcome to Night Vale, Uncanny County, The Lift, Limetown, Archive 81, Return Home, The Magnus Archives and No Sleep Podcast