So you want to run a swap, but you’re not sure where to start? Swap hosts are allowed to organize their swaps however they’d like (as long as it complies with our safety rules, of course). Here’s a list of suggested items to cover in your posts and self-organization.

Syntax and the forum title

  • Start a brand new, clearly titled thread for each new swap you organize. (If you plan to hold multiple rounds of that swap, start a new thread for each round!)
  • End your new forum with [OPEN] if your swap is currently accepting submissions
  • Change your forum to end with [CLOSED] once your swap is no longer accepting submissions
  • Swap suggestions go to this forum.

Your swap description should include

  • Specifics about what will be swapped (ex: “blue socks only!” or “suggested spending limit, $5!”)
  • Deadlines (when will sign up end? when will you email out matches? when is the mailing deadline?)
  • A method of contacting you (email, twitter, a Google form you created)
  • *Note:* we suggest a one month period after matching to allow time for receiving packages and posting that they have arrived.
  • How to sign up (Google Forms works VERY well, but it’s okay to have people email you directly, too.)
  • Some form of accountability (will participants email each other to say their packages have arrived? will you ask participants to post in the forums/share pictures of their goodies?)
  • Your swap description should NOT include: a request for people to share their personal information on the forum or with you. Participants should swap personal information directly with their swap partners via email.

Helpful sign up information to collect from your participants

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Forum username *REQUIRED* If someone isn’t registered for IGGPPC, they can’t participate!
  • IGGPPC House
  • Country
  • Whether or not they are willing to ship internationally
  • Allergies or other special preferences.

After you’ve created your thread

Have a plan ready in case a participant flakes on their partner. Some strategies for this include:

  • reaching out to the MIA participant to give them a gentle reminder about the swap (life happens and an email from the swap organizer encourages people to check in)
  • finding an iggle who will volunteer to send a make up package
  • sending a make up package yourself
  • rematching together iggles whose partners have disappeared on them

Participants should always have a method of contacting you in case of a problem. If you will be unable to rematch participants or arrange make up packages, please state this in your guidelines.

Additional information

Be sure to email Iggle Swaps or tweet @iggleswaps so we can advertise your swap on twitter!

When your swap is done

Please email Iggle Swaps so your thread can be closed. If you have any questions, email Iggle Swaps!!