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Word on the street is you want to recruit some pen pals.

Welcome to the IGGPPC Street Team! As a member of the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club you are uniquely situated to share the love you have for our digital community with your real world communities. Below are some guidelines on how best to get the word out and some suggestions on where to start the sharing. 

Safety first! As always, your safety is the most important. We’ve provided some free printables and craft suggestions, and you can find business cards in the Zazzle store. You should never need to provide your personal information as a member of the Street Team. Of course, how you choose to interact with potential new Iggles is up to you, but generally speaking always direct people to our website or #IGGPPC.

Our community has a minimum age requirement. Due to international law, only people 17 years of age and older can sign up for a pen pal or take part in our community Discord. Keep that in mind.

We may be the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club but anyone of any gender is welcome. That said, we are also pretty strict on protecting our members and their privacy. We assume positive intent but our club name can sometimes draw the wrong kind of attention. Keep that in mind too.

Always remember to ask permission before posting any flyers or leaving business cards, ESPECIALLY at private retailers. Iggles are known for their thoughtfulness and consideration, requesting permission and thanking those who allow us to share our information is paramount.

How to spread the word

  • Tear off flyers available here
  • Cross-stitch pattern available here
  • Business cards available here
  • Friendship bracelets with #IGGPPC
  • Painted rocks with #IGGPPC


You can rock our merch and find business cards and other great items in our shop!

Places to share about IGGPPC

  • Comic book stores
  • Cafes
  • Retro game arcades
  • Office break rooms
  • University campus commons
  • Geocache [url]
  • Hiking trails (painted rocks)
  • Board game stores
  • Local libraries
  • Local conventions
  • Book clubs
  • Knitting clubs
  • Stationery retailers
  • Craft stores

Where should we advertise?

We’re creating a map of places where Iggles might act as part of the Street Team. If you have a suggestion for a location to add, drop a note on this form! [url]

Digital Swag

Looking for things to post on social media? Look no further!

Thank you so much for being part of our amazing community! You are what makes the IGGPPC special. We appreciate your willingness to share the pen pal love with others!

If you’d like some free swag to pass out at a convention or event, please contact Director Joanna or Staffer Steena about having a media packet mailed to you.